Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The COO Speaks... Words of Wisdom

I am Barry Miller, Liz’s business partner at TTS. I have done many things during my 30+ year professional life. I have practiced law, started businesses, financed businesses, enjoyed much success and suffered my fair share of failures. It seems that in every venture one reaches a critical point – a “tipping point” where the future of your venture hangs in the balance.

At TTS we reached that point over a year ago. Things were really tough, our existence in serious doubt.

I felt it was essential to express some thoughts to my dear friend and partner, Elizabeth Tarpley. Here's what I wrote:

“I am not prepared to fail. I just cannot accept failure as an option. We are winners; each any every one of us knows how to win, and has won. And sometimes you don't appreciate the opportunity to win, unless you have lost. And each of us has lost, too. So let's just get to it and allow us to win. Among folks who have had the collective experiences of our team, it is often not the fear of failure that holds us back; it's the fear of winning. Why? Winning requires so much more than losing. It requires us to come square up with ourselves and say, "I am worthy of success. I have earned this." And then you have to do it every day, in every way. With diligence, honesty, integrity, faith and love- we can win and not feel guilty about it.

We can do this, E. I know we can.”

We got through our crisis, and have never looked back. Perhaps these thoughts will strike a chord with you. If they help you in any small way I will be gratified.

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