Sunday, November 6, 2011

Customer Service Chronicles Volume I- StarSucks or STARbucks?

I'm obsessed with customer service. I mean, I think we all have a basic expectation to be treated fairly and with a modicum of kindness and at the very least- competence. But me? My expectations go way beyond that. I want those things, yes- at a minimum, but mostly, I want those whom I support financially and with respect to be reciprocal and honor their word. If I walk in with a smile- I want one back. If I look you in the eye- dammit- look at me! And the worst, the absolute worst, is when people don't listen to me... Or rush me.

I go to Starbucks on a daily basis. I have a gold card, and average about $50/week easy at their "cafes". Outside of one location (I'll get to them in a moment), if I ask for the baristas to add cream to my coffee- most will tell me that "there is cream over there" and point to their condiments area. I want to say "Really? Oh, thank you SO much for telling me that. I didn't know you offered self service cream you SOB". Am I supposed to disregard that one of the primary commitments this company makes is to fix your f-ing coffee the way you ask them to fix it? Or that 9 times out of 10 when I don't bother making the request or do sludge over to the condiment counter that THE CREAM CARAFE IS EMPTY?!?

At the start of my day, to go somewhere and have someone not "get it right" simply because of laziness or because they don't care just throws me way off. I literally have to reboot once I leave.

The best Starbucks in the city (Chicago) is 100 S Halsted (at Monroe). The staff are courteous, friendly, and consistently go above and beyond to make customers feel great. One day, I'm going to go Oprah on them and bring gifts for all the staff!

If you have a favorite Starbucks, please share in the comments section. If you have had similar experiences or just want to talk customer service visit me here or on twitter: @techmommi. In addition to being a business owner, service provider, mom, et al.- I am a Customer Service Connoisseur.

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